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Small-scale city DA2017 Banjaluka 

The question of scales in architectural and urban environment is one of the most important, having on mind the rapid transformation of traditional values of space and time.  We often hear that something is out of scale which means that does not fit to people’s needs or does not fit the urban context in which it is placed. There isn’t only one right scale but only intelligent way to combine  different scales of architecture  together in coherent, dynamic and diverse whole. 


Days of architecture 2017 discuss this question through the examples of architectural works that on the successful and ingenious way use different scales - from the scale of one single room or building to the scale of neighborhood, from the scale of personal space to the scale of collective public spaces -  creating our environment and experience.  The aim of the Days of Architecture 2017 is to soften the border between architectural and urban space realm in order to reestablish the way that the people’s  environment is planned and constructed.  

Even though  DOA 2017 discuss different scales of architecture from which the urban space is composed, their main focus is on the small scale, scale of a child, in the city and to the design of spaces adapted to the children's needs and interests.  Introducing the focus, we are settling down the discussion into the local context of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and  more important,  we draw your attention to the huge problem of the lack of the basic facilities for the children in the cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and deficiency of child friendly approach in urban space design.  

Urban Playscapes Lecture 

Saša  Radenovic

Team Banja Luka 2017

Program Days Of Architecture 2017

About Days of Architecture Banja Luka 2017

Days of Architecture Banja Luka 2017

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